About Us

paperlicense.com is an online store by Logical Limit Corporation where you can buy 100% ORIGINAL and GENUINE software licenses at very economical prices.

It is an automated system where you place online order and receive GENUINE software license keys in your registered email. You just buy what you actually need to use the software. A Genuine License Key!

Suppose you want to buy an antivirus, the process is very simple and straight forward as explained below:

  1. Finalize the antivirus that you prefer and add it to your shopping cart with quantities required.
  2. Checkout and place the order by making online payment.
  3. You get an order confirmation email immediately. This email does not contains license key.
  4. After some time our system sends an automated e-mail mentioning 100% ORIGINAL and GENUINE license key.
  5. Download the latest antivirus setup from manufacturer's website. You would receive download link in your email along with license key.
  6. Install software and use the license key to register or renew your antivirus. If it is renewal, then you can skip above step.

Believe Us! it is the quickest and most reliable way to get your antivirus and you will love the whole experience! No need to wait for days for courier services to deliver your antivirus box. Just pay online and receive license key in mail!

Simple, Fast and Dependable!

  • Get software at affordable prices in shortest time! Something like re-charging your talk time balance online!
  • A life saver for those who are quickly looking to purchase a new antivirus or other critical software or want to renew their soon to expire subscription. You don't need to go out to a computer shop, spend fuel, bargain rates, come back, open the box, read the license key and then use it to register your software. Here, you skip all the overhead expenses and get only what is needed! A genuine license key!
  • No need to fear for loosing your software serial key. Your software key remains safe at three places. Your email, Your Paper License account and in our Licensing Server.
  • Note: All software products which are sold as paper license are categorized under the "Paper License" category.

  • ✔ Antivirus for Home & Corporate
  • ✔ Firewall for Enterprises
  • ✔ Business Accounting Solutions
  • ✔ Asset Management Solutions (Upcoming)
  • ✔ Learning Management System (Upcoming)
  • ✔ Online Examination System (Upcoming)
  • ✔ NGO Management Solution (Upcoming)
  • ✔ Customer Relationship Management (Upcoming)
  • ✔ Corporate Intranet Portal (Upcoming)
  • ✔ Live Chat Support (Upcoming)
  • ✔ Online Ticket Support (Upcoming)

We also provide consultancy services to corporate on software licensing and help them legalize their software in most affordable way without breaching any licensing policy of respective software manufacturer. With this initiative, we aim to make original licensed software easily available for every home and corporate user. We deal in almost all kinds of software like antivirus, office suites, operating systems, accounting software, 3D designing and many others.

Quality & Genuineness
Customer Satisfaction
Act with Integrity

It has been quite an exciting journey from 1st October, 2010, when we formed Logical Limit Corporation, with an aim to provide cost effective, sustainable and premium quality end-to-end IT, hardware, software and security solutions.

Although we have been trying to focus equally on our corporate partners and Home Users in service and solution offerings but down the line we felt Home users are quite choosy and possess unique choices. They prefer to shop and buy with their own choice and enjoy experimentation rather than being offered a standardized line of solutions. The avant-garde idea for this kind of online store evolved from this analysis itself. We wanted to let our customers (both Home & Corporate) choose a product that is best suited for them from a show room like environment. At the same time we wanted to keep the turnaround time from purchase to usage to minimum and keep the whole process easy and convenient.

Our whole team has put great efforts in materialization of our vision in the form of this website which exhibits our technical capabilities. We as an organization remain under continuous evolvement, improvement and open to ideas that can help us improve our product line and services. Please share any feedback/suggestion through Contact Us form which can help us in improving the same.
I recommend every individual and corporate to always get original genuine software! Benefits are enormous and downside is zero!

Devanshu Chakraborty