Return Policy

1. Can I return a product purchased from

This is a very important point which we want every customer to understand thoroughly. In case of any doubts or clarification required, kindly contact us with all your doubts.

Proceed to buy only when you have understood our "Return Policy" thoroughly.

Kindly understand that in case of paper license software and enterprise hardware products once a software license or hardware is released in the name of a customer/buyer, it can not be re-issued to any other customer and must be used by customer in whose name product is isssued. Re-issuing an already sold license key or hardware to another customer is a clear violation of manufacturer's policy. And hence there remains completely no scope of RETURNS or EXCHANGE of sold software or any enterprise hardware product.


Any reason including the ones like ordered product by mistake, ordered incorrect product, unsatisfied with software due to any reason whatsoever will not be a reason for order cancellation, refund, replacement or exchange for the any product. In case of any issues in installing and running the software, you must contact on software manufacturer's support numbers mentioned along with each product description.

2. What shall I do to not to get into a situation where I feel disappointed after using software

Before buying any software from this website, you must download, install and test the trial version of the software to your full satisfaction. Trial versions can be downloaded from the respective manufacturer's website. Only when you feel 100% satisfied with software features, performance and usability during trial pack test, you should proceed to order the product from this website.

3. Is Product Exchange Possible?

No. Product exchange is NOT AT ALL possible under any circumstance whatsoever.

4. Can I return either full or part of my order?

No. Either full or part return is NOT AT ALL possible under any circumstance whatsoever.